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Hi, my name Charlie and I am a Freelancer that has a “can-do” attitude, willing to put forward ideas and have a keen eye for detail, making sure that all work produced is to a suitable high standard and within brand guidelines and specifications. Experience in WordPress theme development. -Commercial experience designing information websites.-Solid Photoshop skills,-Experience and is able to use hosting platforms.-Experience using and development WooCommerce.-Keeping up-to-date of emerging technologies.


I offer free consultation and website analysis for small and large businesses.


Not all people notice or the firm owners know the benefits itself cos’ there are some firms today are still using the traditional way of marketing in which they make profit from referrals, direct mail, etc.. But with website, not only you have the opportunity to expand but you have a bigger chance to be known as social media sites right now are widely used by most people on earth like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.


People get interest when they read a lot like everything about the business so if you own a small business, you might have realized that it is time to start marketing it online. However, you should not hire the first online marketing firm that you can find. Instead, you should look for one that specializes in offering internet marketing services for small and large businesses with a guaranteed of proven results, efficient and reliable that you can’t find it on your local service provider.


With the extensive knowledge of sales and marketing industries both local and international sales call I am pretty sure I can be a great asset in a certain company. I have been exposed to different profit and non-profit organizations working with the Fortune 500 Companies both offline and online for few years now, closing deals on the phone and awarded as one of the top agents in a certain firm like Citibank.









I don’t guarantee my works. I work hard for it and making sure that I didn’t waste your time hiring me as your online marketing specialist. I believe in the power of simplicity but readable contents. 
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Online Courses Offer

Build Your Biz

Did you know the federal government buys nearly $100 billion worth of goods and services from small businesses each year?   Did you know that you can sign your business up to bid on...
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Helping small businesses

Creative Mix

Client: Kit Gimes - Gov Contract DIY CEO

Fantastic product, my sites all run super fast and the support is excellent! Great to work with, good communications skills.

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Bohol ESL Cafe

Websites & Logo Designs

Additional Graphic designs that I’ve created that you can preview....
Client: Jane McDoe - SEO Expert

Very pleased with Workspace. Hope to have continuing business with them again.


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Online Marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategy that most of the firms today are involved. One of the major role of online marketing is you can stay ahead of the curve with your small investments plus a chance to be known globally.